Wines Stobi
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Wines Stobi

wijngaarden stobi

Wines Stobi

Wines Stobi

Macedonian wine

The best grapes only deserve the best. Only with a combination of knowledge, experience transferred through generations, modern technology and lots of love and passion can the best and tastiest wine be created, wine that inspires a passion for life. Young in years, experienced in knowledge. Stobi winery is the newest and most modern designed Macedonian winery, located in the municipality of Gradsko, next to the old Stobi site, from which it derives its name. The wisdom and experience of the first inhabitants transferred from time immemorial to today are reflected in perfect harmony with modern technology and knowledge.

Because the winemaking process is a complex and sensitive wine that does not tolerate even the slightest flaw, Stobi works according to most of today’s standards prescribed by the European Union. Starting from the cultivation and maintenance of the vineyards, through the distribution of grapes to the winery, to the final production and filling process, we apply the latest technological developments in the total process and all production steps.

In order to preserve the quality of the grapes, close attention is paid to each vine. Every vine is correctly viewed to match the growth and ripening. During the ripening of the vines the growth of all bunches is controlled, because every grain of grape is important for the uniqueness and the splendor of the taste of the Stobi wines. Then only the best grapes from the plantations, through a process of perfectly controlled system, arrive at the height of its ripeness in the most modern winery in the country and beyond. This contributes to the Stobi winery to produce wines that are clean and uncontaminated with regard to pesticides, heavy metals, residues and contaminants. The use of SO2 is 30 to 50% lower compared to the average. That is why the pleasure in these wines does not cause a headache, but just pleasant bliss.

The result of all this attention, knowledge and expertise is 4.5 million liters of Macedonian wine of high quality per year, divided into four categories: Premium, Elite, Classic and Traditional.

Bottles and corks with top and controlled quality are also used for the Stobi wines, which ensure the full preservation of the rich and luscious flavors and aromas of each wine.

High-quality wines, the quality of which will never surprise you, come from this winery. But what you will always surprise is the realistic price that is available to everyone. This is due to the philosophy that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy premium wine. For Stobi there are no cheap and expensive wines, there are only premium wines that are there for a fair price. In the webshop the unique Stobi wines are always ready for you.